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It is a pleasure to announce that Jaap Visser is composing our soundtrack!

Works of Jaap have been performed in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Korea and Japan. In 2002 Jaap composed and organized the successful music theater production about the Divine Comedy by Dante.

For more information about Jaap and the music he composes, visit:

Media Update

Here is our promised media update!

Mechs are all about firepower. You don’t have to worry about that in Mech Warfare: Co-op!
Check the pictures below of some of weapons that are designed by Nataku and modeled by Guybrush and Toasteding.

4kz0k04.jpg Designed by: Nataku (Bayu van Houten)
Modeled by: Toasteding
bazooka.jpg Modeled by: Guybrush weapon2eu7.jpg Designed by: Nataku (Bayu van Houten)
Modeled by:Toasteding

Check the media section for better pictures.
If you like to get involved feel free to drop by on our forums!


We finally got our own media gallery.
Before we used the one from moddb, now we have our own. It can be found under “Media” on the menu.
Currently the gallery is divided into:

  • Concept art
  • Weapons
  • Techdemo

Have a look and expect some new media to be released soon.

Webserver moving

In the night from thursday to friday, our host will move our website to a different server.
This may cause some small downtime.
Everything should be back up on friday.

Sorry for any inconvenience!