Play testing

We had a small internal play test tonight. It was quite some fun!

But we found also some bugs. So that what we are going work on, make the game more stable, removing the bugs. So we got our work cut out for our selfs. If you want to know what we are working on, you can follow us on Twitter!

Here are a few pictures we took during the test. More in the media section of the website.

Havoc! A Havoc passing by. -Screenshot by SteelKiller   Close up! Incoming Ares! -Screenshot by SteelKiller

Thanks for reading and a big thank you for everyone who submitted a bug!

One thought on “Play testing

  1. Hehe thanks for posting those pics old friend. i will get better ones as soon as we get a more stable build with more content. and to all you level makers AKA mappers! MWC has a built in editor! WE NEED MAPPERS! i’ll say this much you ALL will be blown away by MWC!

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